Everything you need to know about Stitch Guides!

Hey everyone! In case you missed my Instagram Story last night (it's saved to my highlights on my page so you can still check it out!), I thought it might be helpful to pop on here and talk about all things Stitch Guide! I got so many wonderful questions from fellow stitchers all about my process and what to expect when working with one. It made me realize that you all might find it useful if I outlined some of that for you all here!

Stitch guides are fantastic tools to learn from. I learned so much of what I know now when I was just starting out with decorative stitches from stitch guides. Stitch guides are great ways to get your bearings with different needlepoint stitches and get great ideas for what types of stitch should be used where on a canvas. I work to take all the guess work out of the project for you!

The stitch guides that you will find on my website, are all written on pieces that I have personally stitched. When you purchase a guide from me, you will find a list of all of the threads that I used- so you can find the exact same ones at your local needlepoint shop. You will also find a key for what area I am referring to (unless it's a very straightforward canvas) so that you know that you are stitching in the right spot. You will also find an easy to follow, numbered stitch diagram for the stitch I used in the guide. You can see some examples below. 

My guides are always written chronologically, in the order that I suggest stitching the canvas in. Read through the guide like you read a book...I want to make the learning process as easy as possible for you all! 

I am always happy to make suggestions for customers for canvases that they have in their stash! But, I call those "stitch suggestions." You'll still get all of the above information, but I do like to make the distinction that I haven't personally stitched the project. I always tell people who order custom guides from me that if a stitch I selected doesn't seem to be working for them to reach back out! I'm happy to help midway through the project if you're having trouble. I'm with you from start to finish on the canvas. You can reach out to me on my website here for more information on custom guides!

I take a very laid back approach to teaching and think that stitching should be low pressure and enjoyable for everyone! You can follow my guides step by step or make as many changes as you’d like! It’s your project, so have fun with it! 


  • Thank you for the very helpful tool. Love your creative stitches.

  • Just getting back into needlepoint. This is so helpful

    Tina Orsi-Lirot

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