Meet Jinny McAulliffe: Owner of Stitch Style Needlepoint!

Meet Jinny McAuliffe, needlepoint canvas designer and owner of Stitch Style Needlepoint!

Jinny's main passion is teaching others how to needlepoint! She loves to work with stitchers of all abilities- whether they are picking up a needle and thread for the very first time or have been needlepointing for decades and are looking for a new challenge. 

Jinny started Stitch Style back in 2014 after graduating from college. Having just deferred admissions to a Masters Degree program, she was unsure what she wanted to do next. While she was needlepointing a lot, her then boyfriend suggested that she start a blog about needlepoint! One thing lead to another, and Jinny has now worked in the needlepoint community for some of the biggest companies in the industry for a little over a decade. While her work consisted predominately of teaching for many years, she started her needlepoint canvas company in 2021. You can find all Stitch Style canvases here!

Jinny has designed beautiful and thoughtful needlepoint canvases, many of which include a free stitch guide to get you from start to finish on your next project. Jinny's vast knowledge of all things needlepoint are what make Jinny's designs unique. As she paints, she is thinking about that stitches would work on a particular project, and painting with that particular spacing in mind. Jinny will help take the guess work out of the needlepoint canvas with her expert stitch guides. She strives to make needlepoint low pressure and enjoyable for everyone!

Jinny currently lives in Virginia with her husband, son James and black lab, Charlie. She can't wait for you to start stitching today!

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